I am by no means a storyteller or a person trying to write an autobiography. I am sharing my story to support a project I am working on which I am planning to launch on a Kickstarter. I believe the project has a potential to be a success taking me one step closer to my goal. I also believe my story can be of help to those who dare to follow their dreams no matter what and be interesting to those who would like to share this journey with me as it will be unfolding in front of their eyes....

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Life in Australia, part II

After finishing uni with a Business and Commerce degree my next goal was to achieve certain results in a corporate world.

My friend helped me to get a job in an online home loans company. The annual salary was only $30,000 but I didn't mind, I kept a weekend shift at Sunglass Hut to compensate. My luck was that the world financial crisis struck shortly after I started and 2.5 months later I was already looking for the next place to work.

After a couple of months of searching I was invited for an interview at GE Money for a position of an underwriter for car loans. The catch was that the office was located over an hour drive from where I lived. Even though I wanted to work a bit closer to home I could not waste the opportunity. I strongly believe that EVERY OPPORTUNITY AWARDED BY DESTINY HAS TO BE TRIED OUT so I'd never have to ask myself a question 'WHAT IF?'. And I wasn't wrong taking it. I started working for a reputable company with a salary increase to $45,000. But the crisis affected GE as well. Seven months after I started, the company decided to centralise operations in Melbourne. I was offered to keep the job if I was willing to relocate to Melbourne. I loved Sydney way too much, so I declined.
My third job was with a Macquarie Bank in a Corporate Actions team. This time the salary point was at $60,000. By then I understood another important thing: CHANGE PROMOTES GROWTH. In 12 months I doubled my income and got experience working in 3 different fields. 
I stayed with Macquarie for the next year until they too started downsizing and started letting people go.
At Macquarie Bank
So 2 years and 3 corporate jobs later I had a pretty clear idea of what I want to do. I knew I could continue to grow in a corporate world, but something was lacking in my life, and that was the love of what I do.

I needed to do something that I would not regret spending 3/4 of my life on, something that would make me want to get up in the morning striving to reach my goals. I decided marketing would be a more creative and interesting field to work in, I knew that given an opportunity to work with organising marketing events I would be able to prove myself and progress to a managerial position.

In a few weeks of searching for an entry point into the industry I thought of another short-term solution. It was a month of May and that’s when a 3 months fishing period in Kamchatka starts. My family owned a fishing factory so I thought I could go there for a few months overlooking operations of the factory. My father was happy to hear I am coming over. I would see my family and make some good money along the way. In 3 months I would come back and continue to push further.. or so I thought..

To be continued..