I am by no means a storyteller or a person trying to write an autobiography. I am sharing my story to support a project I am working on which I am planning to launch on a Kickstarter. I believe the project has a potential to be a success taking me one step closer to my goal. I also believe my story can be of help to those who dare to follow their dreams no matter what and be interesting to those who would like to share this journey with me as it will be unfolding in front of their eyes....

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Back to the roots, part I

The factory was located in a remote region. The provision and workers were taken there either by a helicopter or by sea. The factory provided jobs for over 100 people, mostly unskilled labor. At the age of 14 I spent my summer working at another such factory so I knew the processes involved.

The most valuable currency in Kamchatka - red caviar
Factory operated 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, for over 3 months every year. Every shift was 12 hours of physical labour. It was not an easy job and not everyone could handle it, a few people were sent home, some of them young men. Conditions were rough, but in a good season one could make enough for the whole year.

I learned a few valuable lessons in that period, mostly about applying psychology managing a diverse workforce in challenging conditions.

In a helicopter on my way back
Upon my return from the factory my father laid out a few different scenarios of what could be done should I choose to stay. I was impressed with the scale of operations and opportunities that could be opened to me so I told my dad that I will stay with one condition only, once the new business is set up I would come back to Australia.

I knew it would probably take a few years and was ready for it. It took just over 4..

To be continued..