I am by no means a storyteller or a person trying to write an autobiography. I am sharing my story to support a project I am working on which I am planning to launch on a Kickstarter. I believe the project has a potential to be a success taking me one step closer to my goal. I also believe my story can be of help to those who dare to follow their dreams no matter what and be interesting to those who would like to share this journey with me as it will be unfolding in front of their eyes....

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Staying the course

In late April 2015 I dialed our contact in RMS and was advised that the government is determined to make Aerial Freestyle Activities legal but they would need time till December 2015 to issue official guidelines for applicants.

It was clear Edway Extreme operations will have to be laid off for an even longer period so I needed to decide what to do next.

I updated my resume with the skills I gained in the last 6 years and started applying for project management roles. Most of the jobs required a specific set of skills, knowledge and/or qualifications, I knew getting a job offer will not be easy.

At the same time with applying for jobs I decided to try an easier way to make money driving for Uber. It proved to be a much simpler and better way. Driving enough hours one can make a decent leaving meanwhile freeing up the mind for strategical thinking.

By the end of the first week driving for Uber I had a very important realisation, actually 3 of them. One was a realisation that I actually have a product which I could develop, a concept of which I had in my head since the student years. The second one was a new concept website which would help people in more than one way. The third one was a nice and simple business idea but it once again required going through government channels making it a long shot. Once again I had goals to reach.

I contacted my friend who has a passion for engineering and we met for several weeks in a row thinking over the best design for the product. With 2 of my other friends, who are very skilled in back end programming, front end, developing mobile applications, website design and the rest that is required to develop a high end website, we met on different days working on website structure and systems. And with another friend of mine we started making enquiries in regards to the 3rd business idea.

I must say it was all possible thanks to Uber. Never before could I make money and think and do so much in a day. Freedom of choosing your own hours and flexibility while driving allowed me to move towards my goals much faster than it could be done doing any other type of work.

Uber device
I started liaising with engineers from India and planning a trip to China. With the website we reached a point where we agreed on the structure and the systems to be used but decided to lay it off for time being as I simply did not have enough time to dedicate to this project and I was not willing to start implementation with half the effort. Working on 3 projects at a time I still had to drive for Uber 12 to 14 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week. I learned my limits fast and tried to channel my energy towards one project at a time.

To keep a live feed of an ongoing development I created a facebook page: facebook.com/thestoryofadreamchaserlive, it will be interesting to come back to it at later stages and hopefully it will help with a kickstarter campaign which I am planning to launch when the prototype of the product is ready.

A few months after starting Uber I also started working on a project that would not have any financial benefit to me but can have a significant impact on people who have health problems. My next post will be dedicated solely to it.

P.S. If anyone decides to try Uber contact me for useful suggestions and for incentives we can both get if you sign up through me.

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